Announcement #1

Email from 6/7


Every swimmer needs to sign up for Swimmingly using the following instructions. A swimmer cannot swim in a meet this year unless they are registered. Swimmingly is the app used to run the meets.

In the past, the swim team coordinator did this data entry. This year Swimmingly requires that parents complete the process.

Please do it now before you forget. There is no additional cost.

Parent Instructions:

1. Sign-up for your Swimmingly Clubhouse account at

2. Go to the Glenridge sign up page at

3. Choose the swim season you want to sign your children up for!

4. Select your children. If you have any children that are new to the team or that you don't see listed, you can click the 'Add Swimmer' button to add them.

5. Click submit!



Announcement #2

Starting this year each age group on the swim team will have their own name. 6 and unders are "White"; 7-8 year olds are "Green"; 9-11 year olds are "Red"; and 12 year olds and up are "Black." Please see the practice schedule tab for practice times for each group.