• Food donation - Volunteers are needed to bring a sliced watermelon to sell at the concession stand. Other volunteers are asked to bring 2 dozen individually wrapped baked goods to sell at concessions. The baked goods do not have to be homemade.

  • Meet set up – This is for home meets only. Arriving at 4:15 for a 6:00 meet, duties include moving chairs to the bullpen, setting up chairs for spectators, hanging flags across the pool, setting up tents, and helping carry food for concessions into the pool area. The set up needs to be completed by 5 as warm-ups start at 5. Jessi Wells and Tori Petty can answer questions for new volunteers.

DURING THE MEET: Shifts are split into first or second half. The meets start at 6pm. The first half shift starts at 5:50 and usually lasts until 7:30. The second half runs from 7:30-9:30. The following jobs are split into halves.

  • Timer – Volunteers will be given an iPhone or use personal iPhone with Swimmingly app installed. Each volunteer will be assigned a lane to watch. The events will start automatically on the app. The volunteer hits “stop” when the swimmer in his or her lane finishes. The volunteer has to record the swimmer’s number for that event in the app. Each swimmer has his or her number written on the back of the shoulder. Prior to the meet, all timers will report to the results table for a meeting with Chris McLaughlin. Chris can also help answer questions from new volunteers.

  • Clerk of Course –. This person puts swimmers in the correct lane for the correct events for both home and away swimmers. This person is assisted by the coaches and the bullpen workers. This is a great way to get to know the kids. Mary Hadley and Tori Petty are good resources for new volunteers.

  • Bullpen –Most age groups have a bullpen volunteer who gathers kids for each event and brings them to the clerk of course. This person helps the clerk line up the kids in the correct lane. This is another great way to get to know the kids. Many different parents have helped with this.

  • Place judge – This volunteer gets to sit! This volunteer writes down the order of the finishers for each event. Some events only have 2-3 swimmers. Some events have all 6 lanes filled. There will be a volunteer from the opposing team sitting next to the Glenridge volunteer. Usually both place judges work together to record the finishers. Lots of different parents have done this.

  • Runner – This person carries messages between the place judges, timers, and results table as needed. At home meets, this person will be asked to hand out water to volunteers.

  • Stroke judge - This person has to be trained and certified ahead of time. This person watches the swimmers strokes and turns. If a swimmer doesn’t meet criteria, the stroke judge will disqualify the swimmer. Julia Smull, Ty Brown and Al Hadley can answer questions about this job.

  • Concessions – This person has to sell food and watch the cash box.

  • Ribbon Person – This person will sit at timer’s table and print labels for ribbons and place labels on ribbons. This is only for home meets.

DURING THE ENTIRE MEET: The following jobs last the whole time.

  • Event announcer – For home meets only. This very helpful person needs to be trained ahead of time and needs to work the whole meet.

  • Event starter – For home meets only. This is also a very helpful person who needs to be trained ahead of time and has to work the whole thing.


  • Clean up – For home meets only. The pool needs to be returned to normal. Chairs are put away. The flags are taken down. Trash is picked up. The concession stand is put away. This usually takes about 30 minutes.